Imam Javad University College

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart


- President
  Mohammad Ali Vahdat-Zad
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Manufacturing Engineering , University of Birmingham, UK.

- Vice-Presidents
  Education & Research Office
  Ghazanfar Mirjalili
Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Physics, University of Essex, UK.

- Culture, Student & Entrepreneurship Office
  Mohammad Sepehr Economics, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran.


- IT Center

  Masoud Pourzahmatkesh, M.Sc. in IT Engineering

- Education Affairs

  Ahmad Haji Moradi, M.A. in Industrial Management

- Support Management

  Mohammad A. Toufan, M.A. in Educational Sciences

- Financial Affairs

  Mohammad Shir Salimian, A.S. in Computer

- Security Office

  Mohammad Reza Samadi, M.A. in Public Management

- Technical Office

  Abbas Zargarchi, M.Sc. in Architecture

- Physical Education

Nazanin Deihaimi, M.Sc. in Architecture

- Graduate Studies

  Elham Sharifi, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

- Culture

  Mohammad Ghafouri

Head of Departments


- Industrial

  Hossein Dastkhan, M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering

- Computer & IT

  Abbas Bagheri Yazdi, M.Sc. in Computer Engineering


Art & Architecture

- Architecture

  Mehdi Janmohammadi, M.Sc. in Architecture Engineering

- Fashion Design

  Bayene Olia, M.A.

- Graphics

  Mehdi Mirzaei, M.A.Visual Communication in



- Accounting

  Iman Amiri, M.A. in Accounting

- Management

  Daryoush Pourserajian, M.A. in MBA

- Language Teaching

  Forough Mirjalili, M.A. in English Language Teaching

- Islamic Studies

  Mohammad Mousavizadeh, Ph.D. in Islamic Jurisprudence & Principles


  Elham Sharifi, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics