Imam Javad University College

Entrepreneurship Club

About Us
Entrepreneurship Club launched its activities in 2009 with the aim of developing human resources to enhance job preparation and entrepreneurship.The Entrepreneurship Club is a place to promote encourage cooperation and entrepreneurship among students.

The club's mission is to connect students, professors and employees to increase the ability, vivacity and culture of occupation as well as individual and group entrepreneurship at the university by providing the opportunity to recruit volunteers, increase the potentiality of working and entrepreneurship, increase the information flow and establish a purposive communication in the field of occupation and entrepreneurship.

benefits of membership: 
• giving priority to the members for attending the classes and programs held by the club due to the limited capacity 
• offering job opportunities to the members both inside and outside the university 
• discount in the registration fee for classes held by the club
• discount card for the members to purchase from the contracted stores 
• giving priority to the members for entering the job market 
• giving priority to the members to participate and invest in economic projects of the club
• taking advantage of the facilities to launch a new business