Imam Javad University College

Extracurricular Activities

The Extracurricular Activities include:

•    Participation in organizing various events (such as orientation session, graduation ceremony,...)
•    Forming the Student Parliament
•    Holding student pilgrimage and student marriage ceremonies
•    Holding Quran classes
•    Holding meetings of Cultural Council
•    Holding religious events
•    Holding photo exhibitions in Fajr decade
•    Holding student camps inside and outside the province
•    Visiting various fairs (such as book fair , Elecomp and  so on)
•    Collecting essential information about Yazd Province in booklet for non-native students
•    Providing tickets for cultural speech
•    Organizing academic, technical and extracurricular classes
•    Organizing various political, cultural and artistic meetings
•    Defining and approving the regulations of Academic Associations , Cultural Centers , Workgroups , and Student Parliament
•    Providing the cultural calendar, the books and CDs related to the cultural field